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We love our local community and the rich experiences that it continues to offer us; however, we continue to struggle to discover and connect with the most current, relevant and interesting experiences happening near us (often, a few miles and, sometimes, a few feet from our physical location).

As a result, we set out on a journey to make it exponentially easier to discover what’s happening around us.

If successful, it will help us to achieve our mission – democratize connections between organizations and consumers so that we can all LIVE, WORK, SHOP and PLAY Better by discovering local information that is most relevant to us in our moments of want or need.


Pick any organization with a physical location and draw a circle around it that has a radius of 40 miles.

These organizations, typically, receive 90% or more of their sales, foot traffic, visitors, etc. (“Customers”) from individuals within that circle (within a 40 mile radius of their physical location).


  • What is it? A GEONAME℠ Address is a new, innovative type of digital address that is based on an organization’s physical location. The term “GEONAME” comes from the terms “geographic” and “domain name”; in other words, it’s a geographic domain name or simply a GEONAME.
  • How does it work? We take an organization’s physical location and draw a circle around it. As with any circle, its size (or the area inside of the circle) is calculated by a simple mathematical formula (A=πr2). As such, if we start at the organization’s physical location (the center) and travel in any direction for 40 miles, then we know the radius of the circle, or in our case, the radius of the GEONAME℠ Address (40 miles).
  • What does it mean? With a known radius of 40 miles, we can easily calculate the GEONAME℠ Address for any organization with a physical location in any community anywhere in the world (e.g., GEONAME℠ Address = Organization’s Physical Location (3.14 x 402 or 5,024 square miles)). This means that the organization can now use their GEONAME℠ Address coupled with our proprietary platform to effortlessly connect and interact with customers within 5,024 square miles of the organization’s physical location.

Logo, Slogans and Motto

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Democratizing Connections Between Local Organizations and Local Consumers

  • In the same way local organizations can easily self-publish content on the top social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), those same organizations will be able to self-market their location-specific offerings on TaDaah! with the same sort of ease and simplicity.

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