Physical Communities

Physical vs. Digital?

It is useful to think of social networks in terms of generations.

The Evolution of Social Networks

The 1st generation of social networks were about digital communities or bringing us closer together digitally.

The 2nd generation of social networks will be about physical communities or bringing us closer together physically.

With 1st generation social networks, our social connections (e.g., friends, follows, likes, dislikes) are used to form digital communities that provide us with any type of information (global or local) posted by anyone, anywhere (“Any Information”).

With a 2nd generation social network, our social connections are used to form virtual physical communities that provide us with only actionable, location-based information posted by local organizations within 5,024 square miles of our physical location (“Actionable, Local Information”).

Physical vs. Digital

1st Generation

Location is Not Important

With first generation social networking platforms, location is a fixed (static) input and posts are variable (dynamic) inputs.

In other words, what a given user sees in their news feed is a function of the posts of people, organizations, and interests they follow, like, dislike, repost, etc. not a function of the given user’s physical location (i.e., the posts I see in New York, Boston, Washington, DC and San Francisco are essentially the same thing).

One Size Fits All

The first generation of social networking platforms have a “one size fits all” information model – information of all sorts (from the most trivial to the most important) can be shared (and accessed) by anyone, anywhere via the social network. However, there are many situations when we, as users, have unique information needs – in other words, where one size does not fit all.

2nd Generation

It’s All About Location

In contrast, with our second generation social networking platform, your location and the posts in your news feed are both independent, dynamic variables (i.e., the posts I see in New York, Boston, Washington, DC and San Francisco are completely different).

One Size No Longer Fits All

TaDaah! is a second generation social networking platform. It differs from first generation social networks in that it has been designed for situations where there is a unique information need – a need to discover actionable, local information near your physical location.

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