Our Customers

Who are Our Customers?


Organizations with physical locations in our physical communities


Individuals looking for actionable information (information that might help them to Live, Work, Shop or Play Better) within 40 miles of their physical location

Why Organizations with a Physical Location?

There are millions of organizations in the world (and thousands in our local community) who have gone through painstaking efforts to:

Buy/lease a physical structure in a given community.

Make improvements to that structure.

Hire and pay local individuals to work in that structure.

Pay an assortment of recurring expenses associated with that structure (e.g., utilities, upkeep, property taxes).

Why 40 miles (5,024) square miles?

Circles of Importance

  • Each of us operate within our own circles of importance (our own physical communities)
  • We believe a radius of 40 miles (a total area of 5,024 square miles) is the magic number (range) for connecting consumers with organizations with a physical location


  • We believe organizations with a physical location, typically, receive 90% or more of their sales, foot traffic, visitors, etc. (“Customers”) from individuals within a 40 mile radius of their physical location.
  • Imagine hyper-local networks of customers within a 40 mile radius of an organization’s physical location (5,024 square miles) that can easily scroll and discover the organization’s location-specific services.


  • We believe we live the vast majority of our lives inside a radius of 40 miles from our place of residence.
  • Imagine a highly personalized and customized network of 5,024 square miles that has a local news feed that dynamically (1) displays location-related information (e.g., text, photos and videos), and (2) adjusts what is displayed based on your physical location, your interests and your network (i.e., the people and organizations you are connected to)

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