About TaDaah!

About the Problem

The Problem: There are information gaps between what I know and what’s happening near me in my local community. It’s the reason why local search queries via our smartphones for things near us (e.g., BBQ near me, movies near me) have increased by 900% between 2015 – 2017.*

Our Question

How can we make it exponentially easier to discover what’s happening near us in our local communities?

Our Premise

The root cause of the local search problem is NOT an inability for us to discover information about what’s happening around us – the root cause is the inability for local organizations to share that information with us. As such, in order to make it easier for us to discover information about what’s happening around us, we need to make it easier for organizations to share that information with us.

Our Solution

Use social networking technologies to make it exponentially simpler for local organizations to share (and consumers near them to discover) actionable information in their local community.

* Source: KPCB 2018 Internet Trends (Slide 192).

What is TaDaah! ?

TaDaah! is a 2nd generation social network focused on making it exponentially easier to post, discover and share location-related information in our physical communities.

  • The 1st generation of social networks were about digital communities or bringing us closer together digitally.
  • The 2nd generation of social networks will be about physical communities or bringing us closer together physically.

TaDaah! is essentially a social network that contains a personalized news feed of location-based opportunities posted by local organizations. It’s a social network that sits atop of a GPS mapping application that contains posts by local organizations (local organizations that have a physical location that can be identified by GPS coordinates).

Digital vs. Physical Communities?

Social networks are simply a set of information technologies that democratize our ability to communicate and share information with each other.

To date, we have used these information technologies to enhance our communications across long distances with the formation of globally-dispersed digital communities (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

However, in the ensuing years, we will increasingly use these same technologies to enhance communications over short distances within our locally-concentrated physical communities.

2nd Generation Social Network?

As a 2nd generation social network, TaDaah! uses your social connections (e.g., friends, follows, likes, dislikes) to form virtual physical communities that provide you with actionable, location-based information posted by local organizations within 40 miles (5,024 square miles) of your physical location (“Actionable, Local Information”).

It’s a social network that feels more like Uber or Tinder than Facebook or Instagram because your news feed will vary based upon your physical location.

With social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that prioritize digital communities, there’s information in your news feed wherever you are. In contrast, with a social network like TaDaah! that prioritizes physical communities, there may be certain locations where there’s no information in your news feed.

What is Actionable, Local Information??

  • Actionable Information is simply information that can be acted upon.
  • In contrast, non-actionable information (e.g., the photo of my friend hiking the Grand Canyon or the video of my sibling doing the macarena) might be informative but it is not actionable.
  • Our GPS-enabled smartphones provide us with an unprecedented ability to post, discover and share actionable information (information about things nearby in our physical communities that might help us to Live, Work, Shop or Play Better).

GEONAME℠ Address?

How do we build these physical communities of actionable, local information?

We have developed a new type of digital and physical identifier (a GEONAME℠ address) for organizations with a physical location.

A GEONAME℠ address makes it exponentially easier for these local organizations to post and share actionable, local information with their local community.

TaDaah’s patent-pending GEONAME℠ addressing technologies will allow local organizations with a physical location to register and use their GEONAME℠ address to share real-time descriptions, photos and videos about their organizations (e.g., events, activities, jobs, sales, specials) from their smartphones for easy discovery and interaction by customers within a 40 mile radius of the organization’s physical location (a total area of 5,024 square miles).

Why the name TaDaah!?

We chose the name “TaDaah!” because we believe discovering and connecting with things nearby that that help us to Live, Work, Shop and Play Better should feel magical . . .

Imagine tapping a button on your phone and . . . tada . . . that actionable activity you’re looking for nearby in your physical community magically appears on your phone in a social media news feed before you type a search query or say “Alexa,” “Hey Siri” or “OK, Google.”

Why Us?

We fell in love with the problem – an inability to easily discover actionable information nearby in our physical communities – and then worked our way backwards to our current solution – an easier way to connect and interact with organizations with a physical location near us.

Why Now?

Between 2015 – 2017, Near Me mobile queries (e.g., BBQ near me, museums near me) grew by 900%.

Source: KPCB 2018 Internet Trends (Slide 192).

The Big Idea (Our Story)

This journey started in the summer of 2016 when a 13 year old had an idea about a mobile app that would make it easier to discover and connect with community service organizations nearby in her physical community that matched her interests. The app would serve as an intermediary between teens who were eager to make a difference in their physical community and local organizations already making a difference in those communities.

Although the teen and her mom both performed frequent local search engine queries for interesting community service opportunities for teens in their physical community, their search efforts were unproductive. However, everything changed that summer when the teen’s mother discovered a life-changing community service opportunity nearby via a friend’s Instagram post. The post contained information about an intensive, one-week mentorship program for teens interested in entrepreneurship offered by a local branch of a well-known and well-respected international community service organization just a few miles away from the teen’s home. Unlike the typical posts in her social media news feed, this was a post that had actionable information about a relevant and timely community service opportunity nearby in her physical community.

Fast forward to the summer of 2018, we’ve taken that teen’s original mobile app idea about connecting local community service organizations with interested teens and evolved it into a social networking app that contains actionable information nearby. We call it TaDaah! – you can think of it as a location-based Instagram with actionable information nearby posted by your favorite organizations in your physical community.

As a tribute to TaDaah’s co-inventor and co-founder (that entrepreneurial, community-focused teen), we launched the app on her 16th birthday – what a Sweet Sixteen.

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